Saturday, December 23, 2006


Dear Leonhard,

how are you doing? Greetings from Finland where I spent almost two weeks with a little family. There were two small boys there, too, so I felt like at home...I arrived just in time to decorate the house for Christmas. We put up some decorations the boys made and different candles, too. Looked very christmassy!One day we even baked some gingerbreads! The dough was so tasty we would have loved to eat it up! But the gingerbreads became very good as well.We drove around NIVALA quite a lot. It's a small town in the countryside. Can you believe it, there wasn't any snow here! It had all melted down and everyone was eagerly waiting for more for Christmas. Me too, to be honest. It would have been sooo funny to build a snow man with the two boys!

We were out and about during the afternoon and evening it was already very dark outdoors. You know Finland it very north so it becomes dark very early in winter (in the very northern parts sun doesn't even raise) and in summer it is light almost all day and night. We tried taking pictures in fron of the town hall and the church but they didn't succeed because of the darkness.We were quite close to the home of Santa Claus and the boys told me that they are going even closer to him for Christmas because they are going to visit their relatives up there. I didn't meet Santa personallly this time, I only met his reindeer Rudolf. Rudolf told me Santa is very busy at this time of the year. What is it like in Austria? Christmas is sooo close, I hope you have got some snow down there! Did you already write a letter to "Christkind"?The boys here are very interested in Lordi, the eurovision Song Contest winner of this year. They look like scary monsters, but actually they are really nice and not frightening at all.

We listened to their music a lot and danced and drank Lordi Coca-Cola! That was fun! As soon as I'm back home we can dance together!I'm going to continue my journey to Holland on Friday the 8th of December. Let's hope it won't take too long to get there!

Take care and have a merry Christmas!

Love, Felix

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