Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Dear Leonhard,

How are you? I'm really doing fine. I still enjoy travelling around the world (although I miss you... But my journey is still to exciting to go home already...) My previous stop was in Singapore with Eloriel. Have a look what a wonderful time I passed there! Eloriel showed me alot of her city and we really had a great time together.

Here you can see me on her desk. I was quite helpful, wasn't I?

We did alot of sightseeing. Here you can see me in front of the Asian Civilisations Museum.

There are many skyscraperes in Singapore...

...but also parks and bridges...

I saw the very famous Merlion. Beautiful, isn't it?

But of course there was much more to see and to experience...

I even went to a museum with Eloriel, something I never did before!

And she showed me how to play pool billard!

We walked around in Singapore A LOT!

But when I was too tired, Eloriel took the metro with me.

She also went to a restaurant with me where I was able to try the local dishes. Hmmmm, delicious!I had a wonderful time in Singapore - thank you very much, Eloriel.

Leonhard, I'll continue my journey now and I'm supposed to travel to Taiwan now. I've heard that they have a BIG skyscraper there much bigger than those I already saw in Singapore - maybe like the one from Malaysia?! So I'm really curious!

Hugs, Felix

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