Saturday, October 28, 2006


Hi Leonhard!

I just arrived in PARIS today. I already met some new friends who are really nice:
Christine told me that this weekend we'll go to the Louvre (a big museum) and I'll see the "Joconde"! Isn't this exciting???

Afterwards, if I'm not too
tired, we'll see the Eiffel tower, the Champs Elysees etc...

I learnt my first word in French: Bises


November 13th, 2006

Dear Leonhard!

I'm still in Paris and I enjoy it soooo much here! Christine and her family are really great and they showed me around in the city soo much! Have a look which great places I visited here!

We've been at Montmatre first. Look at this great church - I think it l
ooks like it was covered with sugar, hmmmm!

And what a wonderful view I had from up there.
All the city beneath me!

As Christine promised me we also visited the Louvre, you know this BIG museum I told you about! How funny - they have a real pyramide in front of the museum! And I always thougth pyramides would only exist in Egypt!

The subway here is called "M├ętro" and I can tell you, you can't compare it to our U-Bahn in Vienna! It's much bigger and faster and with many more stops. Oh, it was sooo confusing for a little bear like me! I was really glad that Christine's son took care of me so well, otherwise I would have never found back the way to their home. But it was really exciting to use it... And I didn't even need a ticket!!!

And look which beautiful fountains they have in Paris! We really had wonderful walks through the city, Leonhard! I know that YOU don't like walking so much but I'm sure you'd also have enjoyed it here...

Christine told me that tomorrow or on Wednesday I'll have to leave Paris. What a pity since I really enjoy to be in this city! But I'm also looking forward to the next place I gonna visit. They told me that I'll travel to Finland then and I'll meet 2 boys there, almost the same age than you and Niklas. Maybe they already have some snow up there? How exciting, hm?

Well, my dear Leonhard, I hope everything is fine at home, too! I'm curious to hear your news, too!

Big hugs from Felix

Friday, October 13, 2006



Hi Leonhard!

I arrived in Ireland on October 12th, 2006. Well I am having a wonderful time so far in Irland, Jodie has been looking after me really well and when I arrived she and her family gave me my very first pint of Guinness - which is a famous Irish drink! I am sending you this photo - if you notice there is an Irish sports jersey at the back! Green of course!!!

Then, guess what! They drove me to the countryside of Ireland (oh, I forgot to tell you I am in a place called COUNTY CAVAN in the middle of Ireland) and I got my photo taken overlooking the fields! Ireland is full of fields and it is so green here!

Tomorrow they tell me they are going to try to take me on a walk to a lake! There are 365 lakes in Cavan, one for every day of the year! They tell me I might also see some cows, horses and sheep. I wonder if they are different than they are in Austria!

Leonhard, you don't have to worry about me, I am eating enough and even sitting at the table with the family! I hope you are having fun over there!

I will write again soon! Hope you enjoy my photos!

Love from Felix II

Monday, October 09, 2006

Travelling plan of Felix II

Felix II started his journey today, October 9th, 2006. So far he'll meet the following people:

1. Jodie, Ireland
2. Chrisdy, France,
3. Heidi, Finland
4. HoopsandYoyo, The Netherlands,
5. crizle, Australia
6. Angie, Australia
7. groovynannies, New Zealand
8. IcyHippo, Canada
9. sunlight17, Germany
10. Aquila83, Sweden
11. Lilcsi, Hungary,
12. vikki1st, Hungary
13. SanPa, Finland
14. Sevenzeroes, Finland
15. Dropi, Finland
16. Igel, Germany
17. Corinne, Luxembourg
18. Malia, Hawaii, USA
19. Zsuzsa, Florida, USA
20. Mari_lopes, Brazil
21. Helena, Brazil
22. EveningEmma, UK
23. Marjol, The Netherlands
24 White_Oleander, Belgium
25. Eloriel, Singapore
26. Yaya, Taiwan
27. klene18, Germany
28. Strubbellena73, Germany
29. Psychick, New Jersey, USA

Since this project was started in the postcrossing forum ( and most of Felix' hosts are members of this forum, we decided to list the usernames here. But of course everybody else who is interested in hosting Felix is very welcome, too! This is his current schedule and it might be modified a bit since we don't want Felix to cross the ocean too often to reduce the risk of getting lost and to keep postal expenses as low as possible.

Little bear kidnapped by a crazy guy!!

Hello to all Felix-Fans!

I'm Felix II, Felix' great-cousin writing this post today! Unfortunately I have to report you about something really awful that happened to our lovely friend Felix!

As you all know, Felix started his journey around the world 3 weeks ago and his first destination was a guy in France who offered to host him for a couple of days. He was soooo excited when he started his journey and he looked forward to all the different places he was supposed to visit. Me and our friends (some other teddies who lived together on a cupboard in Leonhard's room) really envied him for this great adventure and somehow everybody of us wished to be able to start this journey instead of him.

Well, we haven't heard anything of Felix for a while, but we thought that was how it should be. I mean, it's a long way to France and it was obvious that it lasted for some time. But since there were no news from Felix even after 2 weeks we really started to worry. And now we know that there was a real reason to worry!!! This guy Felix was travelling to was an completely unhonest person! He participated in many different games on the postcrossing site but never sent the stuff he was supposed to or he claimed that he didn't receive anything and asked people to send their stuff again. We didn't know that at the beginning - but now it is clear! He was banned from this forum which is of course good - but it was too late for our little Felix. To be honest, we don't have much hope for him and we guess he'll have to live in France forever. It's really, really sad and sooo disappointing especially because he was doing this trip for a little boy, Leonhard, as you know.

The other teddies and I had a long discussion what to do now. We all were soooo excited about this project - and most of all was Leonhard. He'll turn 5 in a couple of days and we simply wanted to show him that this project could really work and that this guy from France was a bad experience - but hopefully the only one. Since I was the most adventurous one among us teddies we decided to give this project a second try and I agreed on starting this journey instead of Felix. To be honest, I'm a bit nervous but I really trust in YOU and I hope it will work out this time!!

So Leonhard and his mother took me to the postoffice today and I'm on the way to Ireland where I'll visit Jodie, a young Australian lady who currently lives there! I'm very excited about that and I'll let you know how I am doing as soon as I'll arrive there.

Best wishes, yours Felix II

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