Thursday, February 22, 2007


On Monday 5th February 2007 I've finally been dropped off at Angie's house in YANCHEP after a long journey by truck across Australia. I left Brisbane last Monday and spent the next 7 days on the road, crossing New South Wales and South Australia, acr
oss the Nullarbor Plain into Western Australia. I had a good sleep as it was all very dark!! -the parcel I was in had Father Christmas and lots of stamps with Theo's photo on them.

Angie made a coffee while I read the paper sitting in front of some of her postcards and then she introduced me to all the bears who were waiting to meet me.Brown Bear, White Bear, Harrods Bear (he was born in England in a very famous shop!), Friendship Bear, Stray Bear, Stitches Bear (who cam from Princess Margaret Hospital to Yanchep to recover from an accident). Soooo many names to remember....sparkles, godfrey (who has been to university), Sam, Henry, Scotty, Gramps & Waffle (he plays a football game with an egg shaped ball). Then there is Panda & Blinky Bill who are not "really" bears - but who cares?I hope to see some relatives of Blinky Bill at Yanchep National Park; they are Koala Bears and live in gum trees. Mr. Loftus, the gentleman from the "Sun City News" said in the paper that "Felix will be making guest appearances in Yanchep & Two Rocks during his busy schedule. the Sun City News has arranged to meet Felix at a number of local tourist spots for a series of photos". I feel very special - like a film star or a king!!!

On Tuesday Mr. Loftus first took me to the Yanchep Lagoon.

tried to keep my balance on a surf board and meet the Surf Live Saver (who has a white nose so it doesn't get burnt) and then with his "sunnies" on I held on very tight to the front of his truck.

Mr. Loftus took me to a restaurant called "Sea Salt" where we had a coffee overlooking the Marina at Two Rocks.

And here I am in front of a very BIG statue of King Neptune!

Before we left Two Rocks we went to a 94th birthday party and I helped to blow out the candle!
The next place to vistit was Yanchep National Park, called in to Chocolate Drops and the Yanchep Inn.

The Koalas and Kangaroos were all sleeping so I might just have to come back to Yanchep another time.

Here I am sitting next to a boomerang.
We left Yanchep to go to Wanneroo where I was introduced to the Mayor & all the Councilors (the Mayor let me sit in his chare and gave me a "City of Wanneroo" pin).Wednesday was shoppping day at Joondalup and I saw a HUGE window with all these bears in, including a beautiful readhead...... She was sooooo sweet!!!That night I slept very well and dreamt about her. She was my Valentine!!!!

On Thursday Angie took me to Two Rocks and we called into Sunshiners Gallery where she gets her postcards. Angie and her friend have their art nearby.
Every night Angie told me a story about Teddy Bears and I have learnt very much. Leonhard, did you know that people who collect and love bears are called ARCOPHILES and a gathering of bears is called a "HUG"? Isn't that intersting?

On Friday the 9th of February I had my weigh in at Two Rocks Post Office - and guess what? I had done so much running around that I hadn't put any extra weight on - wasn't that good?

In the afternoon I went to school and met all the children in Miss Davies class - lots of cuddles, which you know I love.

Then came the day I had to say goodbye to all the friends I had made here. I only caught a glimpse of Kangaroos and Koalas, didn't go swimming, didn't see any Dolphins and didn't go to Perth (the capital of Western Australia). Wish I could have stayed a little longer but New Zealand was waiting for me and all the other places in the world.

Love, Felix

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Dear Leonhard,

Hi there! How are you doing? I'm doing soooo fine!!! I savely arrived in the Western part of Australia now and I'm having a really nice time here. Guess what, Leonhard!? They are writing about me in a real newspaper here!!! Isn't that incredible? Somehow I can't copy the article here but I can write it down myself what they said in a newspaper called "Sun City News":


Felix is a little bear from Austria. He belongs to a 5-year old boy named Leonhard. since the Soccer World Cup Championship, last year, Leonhard has been very interested in all the different countries and what is so special about each one.

So Leonhard and his parents decided to start a journey around the world for Felix. The family felt that through Felix and the use of modern technology such as digital cameras and the internet they could help Leonhard find out about other countries.

Felix is a very easy going bear, about 20 centimetres tall and light brown in colour. He is not very heavy, but he has never been weighted, and loves to eat everything nevertheless.

He is said to be curious, wanting to get to know and try new things and even though he might be a bit shy, he's usually quite talkative with other bears and people.

On Tuesday, 15th September 2006, Felix started his world trip. He was carefully packaged into a comfortable soft envelope, well as comfortable as envelopes can be, and Leonhard and his mother took Felix to the post office.

Felix said: "To be honest, it's really a bit narrow in there (the envelope) and pretty dark, so I hope I won't have to stay inside this envelope too long."

The first port of postage was France and the Sun City News understands Felix was really excited to get started on his world journey.

Since September, Felix has visited France, Ireland, Finland, Holland and celebrated Australia Day in Ipswich, Queensland, before departing for Yanchep.

From Yanchep, Felix will be heading to New Zealnad, Canada, Germany, Hawaii and another 20 countries.

Felix will be making a number of guest appearances in Yanchep during his busy schedule. The Sun City News has arraned to meet Felix at a number of local tourist spots for a series of photos.

These photos will be published next issue as well as sent to Leonhard in Austria to publish on his website.

At Leonhard's website,, you can read about Felix's world trip or you can leave a message for Leonhard and Felix."

Isn't this great??? An article about ME in a newspaper?? I'm sooo excited about that, Leonhard, so I simply had to tell you this now. Have a great time and give a big hug to all the family.

Love, Felix

Thursday, February 01, 2007


Hello everyone,

I am writing to tell you all about my travels up here in Queensland, Australia.
When I arrived I was so happy to get out of my bubblewrap bed...

Crizle introduced me to a nice little Dutch bear
who lives at her house named Lief, and he bacame my mate for the time I was here.

On Saturday we went out on a car run with the car club to a place called Forest lake. It was fun to walk all around the lake but it made me very tired. I saw a big lizzard but I didn't want to sit next to it for my photo.

Early on Sunday morning, Leon told us to come for a ride because he was taking Crizle on a surprise birthday breakfast, so I quickly got into my seat in the car and off we went to Brisbane. We went to a Pancake Manor which is built in an old disused church and had a great time there.

On Monday I went to a party, a Teddybears Picnic with all the friends who live here and that was so good. I met lots of new friends!

On Tuesday Crizle and I went again to Brisbane but this time we took the train and I sat by the window. We walked up to a park and there was a little bronze statue of a boy so I sat on his case and we had our photo taken.

We went to two tourist shops, and one was where Kanga ( was bought, so I asked to have my photo taken with the other kangas. Also I had my photo taken with the Australian flag display.
On Wednesday I went to Queens Park with Crizle for her walk and we went to the kiosk afterwards and had a drink and cake.We went to the native animal reserve there too and but the kangaroos were in the shade. so my photos didn't turn out well.That night Leon took us to the movies and we saw "Night At The Museum". That was a fun movie - and it was the first time ever I went to the cinema! Leonhard, as soon as I'm back home we have to go to the movies together!!

On Thursday we went to the park again and this time we walked around the Japanese Gardens there, but it soon got much too hot to walk, so we went home to the cool.

Friday, 26th January, AUSTRALIA DAY.
We had a big party and I was "guest of honour". I even got to help cook the BBQ and all Crizle's friends thought I was so cute that I got lots and lots of cuddles.I have had a wonderful time here in Queensland and on Monday I will fly to Western Australia, way across the other side of the country to visit Angie.

I miss everyone at home but I truly have learned a lot on my travels.

Love from Felix and Crizle

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