Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Dearest Leonhard,

How are you doing in freezy Austria? I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a good start of the new year! As for me - I'm doing great!! As you know my previous stop was on Hawaii (that's one of 50 states of the USA consisting of many islands situated in the Pacific Ocean) and I spent a very nice time there ;)

My host was lovely, she cared about me alot (so you don't have to worry at all) and since she also had a little daughter, Leilani, I really had a funny time there! You know I'm always happy to be togehter with kids and Leilani really did her best not to make me feel homesick...
My host was a teacher and after all the good experiences I made in the Australian school I visited I decided to join her, too! Have a look which lovely young ladies I got to know there!! I had great fun attending various classes and listening to what my host taught her pupils!
It was pretty warm on Hawaii and I often thought about you freezing at home at the moment, ha, ha!! We even went to Waikiki beach one day (I guess you went skiing the same day...)

Can you imagine, Leonhard, that I celebrated Christmas this year in such a lovely atmosphere full of sun and warmth? It was very different to what I knew about Christmas so far but it was very nice!

We went Christmas shopping in Waikiki ...

... and Leilani and I loved all the decorations there!!

And have a look - we even had a real (well, almost real...) Christmas tree at home, too! We had a great time and celebrated alot - even some of my new friends here joined us ;)You know what we did one day? We went ice-skating!! Yes, you are right, ICE-SKATING!! It was the first time I ever did it (by the way: Did you already learn it meanwhile?) and that was on Hawaii!! Crazy, isn't it? There was a large skating hall and Leilani and i had really alot of fun giving it a try! I was full of haematomas afterwards but that was worth the fun!!

The scenery on Hawaii was really beautiful as you already saw on the "beach-photos". You know how much I love the sea! But there was something else really impressing here: I saw a real volcano! My first one ever!!! It is called "DIAMOND HEAD" beautiful, hm?

Now I have to continue my journey although it is hard to leave this wonderful place and all the lovely people I got to know here. Thank you sooo much for everything, Malia and Leilani! I will miss you and I'll think about you alot!
Well, Leonhard, my next stop will be at another state of the US: Texas! I'll let you know when I arrived there!
Hugs, Felix


Dearest Leonhard,

As you know I spent a couple of weeks in Florida, which is one of 50 states in the USA! I had a great time there with Zsuzsa and today I'd like to show you the photos we took there. Hope you'll like them as much as I do!!!
You know that I am a very talkactive bear so it was great fun to find some other bears there too. You can't imagine which exciting stories they had to tell - but non of them travelled as much as I did!!
Florida is an peninsula which means that the sea is almost everywhere around. One day Zsuzsa took me with her on a sailing boat. Wow, Leonhard, I missed you alot there because I was sure that you would have enjoyed it alot, too!!

We also found alot of "treasures" there: sponges (like Spongebob, ha, ha!!), crabs, shells etc. Amazing!Have a look, Leonhard, this litte sailor-bear looks exactly like me, doesn't he???

One day Zsuzsa and I took the train and went to Miami (wasn't it Miami, Zsuzsa??)! It was very beautiful there and I was amazed to see all these palm trees everywhere around.

It is a wonderful place - so many new things to discover!!! Have a look at this interesting postbox - I guess I was put in there in my envelope when I continued my journey to Hawaii!!Zsuzsa and I also took one of these really beautiful busses - have a look!! They are completely different to the busses we have at home - but you can also use them like ours!!Zsuzsa and I also went shopping together and we bought some typical stuff. People here like marple syrup alot, I never tried it before but I must say it is delicious. We also bought some honey just for me ;) I'm a travelling bear but I still go back to the basics some time...

Well, dear Leonhard, that was it from Florida. I'm sad to leave but I was told that there will be some other parts of the USA where I will go, so I'm excited to get to know my next host in Hawaii and see what that part of the world looks like!

Hugs and kisses,


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