Thursday, August 30, 2007


Dear Leonhard,

I discovered a completely new country (well, new to you and me...) du
ring the past weeks. I had a lovely host (the "Mum" of Pooh, if you remember the little bear who once visited you..) who showed me around there. We went on a little trip together and it was the first time that I stayed in a real hotel! How exciting, hm?

During our holiday we visited a typical factory there:

How cute to pet all these animals!

We also went in a kind of exotic park together where I saw these beautiful plants and butterflies:
Oh, what a beautiful scenery they have here! And tons of mountains - almost like at home!!

We even went up there by cable-car!! Wow!
When we came back to TAIPEH my host showed me something absolutely great and unique: The world's highest building, Taipeh 101. Isn't this amazing? I was told that it was somehow constructed like a bamboo, that's why it was possible to build it that high.We also visited a museum in Taipeh, the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall , and here's what we saw there.

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