Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The big adventure has started!!!

Yesterday morning I started my journey! I got a comfortable soft envelope (as confortable envelopes can be...) and Leonhard and his mother took me to the post office. To be honest, it's really a bit narrow there and pretty dark, so I hope I won't have to stay inside this envelope too long.

My first host lives in France I was told and I'm really excited to arrive there. What will she do with me? What will she show me? I hope I may sleep in her bed since I'm always a bit scared during the night...

Then I'll go on to Finland, The Netherlands, Great Britain, Australia and the US and maybe to some more countries if there are some hosts for me. Asia would be great, too, or any other place. So if you want to share a great time with me, just leave a message here or at travelling-felix@gmx.at - I'd love to visit you, too. And I'm really a cute bear, am not I???

Anyway, I'm on my way and I'll tell you how I'm doing as soon as I'll arrive in France.

See you soon!!!

Yours, Felix

Friday, September 15, 2006


Hello everybody!

As I promised you I gonna show you some pics of my "Vienna-Sightseeing-Trip" which I did yesterday with Leonhard and his little brother Niklas. We also took their mother with us as a guide... We had a great time - and a really nice weather - as you can see on the photos. Almost 30 °C in September, that's not usual here!

On the first photo you can see me in front of the National Library which is part of the Hofburg. The Hofburg was the former residence of the Austrian emperores, as Leonhard's mother told us.

Here I'm sitting on a ball-shaped tree in front of the historical museum for arts. Vis-à-vis there is situated the hisorical museum for nature and they both look like twins. We had great fun playing hide and seek behind all these strange looking trees and bushes.

Then we went on the the "Schönbrunn" castle. Look how we got there, ha, ha!!! They are called "Fiaker" and we felt like the emperor himself in there!!!

And here is the castle - and me of course!!! Aren't we beautiful???


Good morning!

Up there you can see a map of all the countries I gonna visit! First I'll travel to France, then to Finland, The Netherlands and afterwards to the United Kingdom, to Australia and the USA - great, hm? Then I'll go on to Germany, Sweden, Hungary, Canada and back to Finland again. And then I was said that I'll go to Brazil! I'm really curious whom I'll meet there and what I'm going to see there. Your country is still missing?? Not coloured red yet??? I'd love to visit some other countries, too, so if you want, you can leave me a message here or e-mail me at: travelling-felix@gmx.at. It would be great to have some more red dots here on the map!

Yours, Felix

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Hello everybody!

My name is Felix and I'm a little bear from Austria belonging to a 5-year-old boy named Leonhard.

Since Leonhard watched the Soccer World Championship a while ago he has been very interested in the world and all the different countries and what is so special about them. Every day he asks me (and his parents of course) to tell him about the world, watch the map with him, show him where the countries are, what it looks like there, how people live at other places. He loves to paint flags and he has even tried food from other countries.

So bein Leonhard's friend, I decided to start a journey around our globe myself and bring back home the world for Leonhard. I'd like to visit people in many different countries, spend a couple of days with them, take some photos and then continue my trip to another country. To show Leonhard that everything is alright with me I'd like to send him photos back home via e-mail during my journey and maybe sometimes also write him a few lines in a letter or postcard. I intend to start my big adventure around September 20th, 2006.

Leonhard and I are both already quite excited about my trip but we are also a bit frightened because we've never been seperated for such a long time before.

For everybody I'll meet during my journey, I'd like to introduce myself a bit: I'm a very easy going bear of about 20 cm size and lightbrown colour. I'm not very heavy (never weighted myself, to be honest...) but I love to eat everything nevertheless. I'm curious to get to know and try new things and even if I'm maybe a bit shy at the beginning I'm usually quite talkactive with other bears and people. The only thing I don't like is too much noise, that makes me a bit nervous...

Well, that was it for today. I'll be back tomorrow to show you some pics about me and my hometown Vienna. Leonhard and I have decided to go on a sightseeing-tour this afternoon so that I can show some pictures from Vienna to my hosts out there in the world.

Sunny greetings to everybody,

yours, FELIX

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