Tuesday, August 19, 2008


My dear friend Leonhard,

I'm sending you warmest greetings from another country in North America today! I'm currently visiting Melissa in Vancouver, Canada!

Canada is a really beautiful place and Melissa and I are having alot of fun. We celebrated Easter together, which was wonderful. Have a look at the beautiful decorations we put everywhere!
How did you celebrate it this year? Searching for easter eggs in granddad's garden like all the years before? That's certainly nice, too, but believe me, my life as a travelling bear is much more exciting at the moment.

Like at many other places before I also got to know some very friendly bears here in Canada, too. We understand really well and I'm afraid I'll miss them alot when I'll once continue my journey.

Melissa and I had a long walk in Vancouver and I must really say it is a beautiful place.

I'll show you some more photos later, my dear!

Love, Felix


Hello Leonhard!

How are you doing? I'm really fine! Imagine, I visited another state of the USA - only 47 are missing, ha, ha!! I'm in Texas right now and I'm having a great time.

I'll write you more and show you all the photos later!

Lots of love,


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