Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Hello Leonhard and family,

I woul like to tell you about my stay in the Netherlands today.

I arrived at Joke's house at December 12th, right in time to decorate the Christmas tree. In the Netherlands they have another Saint bringing presents to the children. They call him Sinterklaas or Sint Nicolaas. People celebrate his birthday on the 5th of December.

After this celebration they start to decorate for Christmas. So this is how I helped decorating the tree with guirlandes:When I was a bit tired of all this treeclimbin I played with my new friend Saartje, she is a hamster as you can see. We sat on the couch and she was very nice to me.I also tried on some new foodwear. In Holland they are famous of the wooden shoes. But I don't find them very comfortable, so I didn't want to wear them long. But I look nice on this picture, don't I?I have learnt some Duch words. I can say "Hello"! I've also tried to read the Dutch paper, but that was too difficult for me. So I just looked at the pictures there and some little comics.

At the end of my stay Joke had a great surpise for me: She took me to the zoo in EMMEN. I had a great time there!!! (You can look at the internet, it's also in German: www.noorderdierenpark.nl)We went to school with the penguins. They run around freely over there, so children have to learn they can pick with their beak!

And I've met the animals I'm hoping to see soon when I'm visiting Christine in Australia... Kangaroos!I had a great time in the Netherlands, although I miss you in Austria, too. I'm going to travel some more before I come home to you, Leonhard. Travellers have great stories to tell, so I hope I can tell you a lot when we see each other again.

I hope I will arrive in Ipswich, Australia, soon!

Greetings from Felix and foster mom Joke
The Netherlands

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