Thursday, March 08, 2007


Hi Leonhard!

As Aliah was rushing from classes this afternoon, guess who arrived?! Me!! I arrived safely in Malaysia with my notebook on March 5th, 2007. Here are some pictures of me, so you see I'm doing fine and I have already learnt alot here!

Malaysia has 13 states and 3 federal territories. We are at Peninsular Malaysia, at the state of Selangor and the city called SHAH ALAM, which is also the state capital. Here is where Aliah studies and where I stay with her now. I 'm showing you where we are now:
Further to the north is red, you can see where Aliah's home is, Perlis. We may not be able to see Perlis as she doesnÄt have much time to go home at the moment. She is really sorry for that.

As you love flags, Leonhard, here I am with the Malaysian flag, called Jalur Gemilang (that's Malay for Stripes of Glory).
It consists of fourteen red and white stripes (along the fly) of equal width, a union or canton of dark blue, a crescent and a star. The red and whit stripes stand for equal status in the federation of the member states and the federal government. The union or canton of dark blue represents the unity of the people of Malaysia. the union contains the crescent which is the symbol of Islan, and the star, the 14 points of which symbolise the unity of the 13 states of the federation with the federal government. The yellow of the crescent and the star is the royal colour of the Rulers. Wow, that's quite interesting, isn't it??

I want to introduce to you a new friend whom I just met. His name is Yul. Yul will keep me company while I'm in Malaysia. It's nice that he offered me to share a room with him!!Aliah told me she has classes from Monday until Thursday and will work on weekend, but she will try her best to make me feel like at home. I hope I will have a good time in Malaysia.

Love, Felix

March 7th, 2007

Dear Leonhard,

How are you doing? I'm doing fine here. Malaysia is so sunny and I have to drink alot of water to keep me hydrated - or at least I'm trying to drink! I'm glad I've adjusted to this tropical climat a little bit when I was in New Zealand. I'm glad you liked the pictures I sent you last time. Personally, Aliah and I like the flag picture alot, too. I will bring it back home to you so you can put it on your wall later.

We went to Kuala Lumpur (that's the capital city of Malaysia!) yesterday to meet Aliah's sister. We took a bus and changed to LRT later. We stopped at Pasar Seni station and from the platform we could see some busy roads and buildings in Kuala Lumpur.
There is Dayabumi Complex which is one of Kuala Lumpur's landmarks. There is also the main post office in there.

From there we can also see the National Mosque and the Moorish-style building of Kuala Lumpur Railway Station. Aliah is so asent-minded. She forgot to take pictures with me and the LRT. Maybe next time...

Just about 10 minutes walking from the station we arrived at the Sri Maha Mariammam´n Temple. this is the oldest HIndu temple in the countre and boast to have the tallest gopuram or tower in the world. Impressive, right?

We think that there will be a wedding later this day as there are sooo many people in front of the temple when we arrived and they all had beautiful clothes. The lady in orange you can see is wearing a sarin an traditional Indish dress.

Then we went to Petaling Street. This is the original Chinatown. There were so many people and it was quite impossible to take pictures in there so we took this picture from across the street instead.
Aliah said it is one of the most popular tourist spots in town. I'm glad I visited it! There were sooo many things - they offer everything there form watches to food stuff. It's just sooo funny to watche the scene.

That's all from me for now. Take care and have a nice day!

Love, Felix

March 17th, 2007

Dear Leonhard,

We visited Kuala Lumpur again today. This city is really impressing! Have a look what we saw today: the Petrons-Twin-Towers! Leonhard, you haven't seen such high buildings before, they really belong to the highest things man has created in the whole world! You know, we've got these twin-towers in Vienna, too, but they are really tiny compared to the Petrons-Twin-Towers. I had my photo taken in front of them, look:I also tried how strong I am with this Bullock cart:Well, to be honest, I still need some exercises for that!

We also vistited the Central Market of Kuala Lumpur. It was great to see everything there! They have sooo many things here I never saw before!And did you know that they have bananas and papayas growing here?? And that's "normal" for the people here, nothing exotic as it would be for us. It's just like we plant apple or pears trees. Oh, I wish I could climb up there and eat them from the tree! But the bananas were still a bit green and the papaya tree was simply a bit too high for a little bear...

Well, my dear Leonhard, that's all for now. Have a great time in Austria!

Love, Felix

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Hello from New Zealand!

Here are the photos from me while I was staying with groovynannies!

We had a lovely time touring around and visiting all the sights around INVERCARGILL. Look what beautiful houses they have here!We also dis something that made me feel a bit homesick. We visited a playground - you know like you and me always did together... It was funny to try all the new things and believe me, Leonhard, you'd love to play there, too!!!

I had such a relaxing time here. Everyday I had a loooong nap at a very comfortable place - perfect for a little bear!I made many new friends here in New Zealand, too - have a look!

Did you know that it is summer now in New Zealand? I hope it is not too freezing now in Austria, ha, ha! It's really warm here right now and you know that this is what I like a lot! I'm really happy that I can stay at the opposite part of the world while it is winter at home! They have beautiful gardens and parks here with many flowers and everything is sooo green!

Well, now I'm on my way to Malaysia!

Love to everyone back home!


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