Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Dear Leonhard,
Finally Felix has arrived in Brazil, after a long, long trip from Cuba. No one knows how long Felix has been travelling, he himself thought for a while that he was going to get lost forever, so he felt very relieved when he was lifted out of his package and breathed fresh... ah, well, somewhat polluted air in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He fast became best friends with Karen, 3 years old, and they have already made some paintings together. But Felix was very, very tired after his long trip, so he soon fell asleep in Karens comfortable bed. He has many adventures waiting for him in Brazil and will tell you all about them, but for now he is resting.

Love,Felix through Helena in SP, Brazil

January 8th, 2009

Now I am finally feeling better and can write myself. Today has been a very hot day, it is now 4 pm and it is still 27C in the shadow. Since it has been such a great day, Karen took me downstairs to the pool of her building. We had a great time, as you can see! I was sunbathing, swimming and climbin the palm-trees that grow at the pool. Also, me and Karen played hide and seek around the building, we had so much fun! Since Sao Paulo is a quite violent city, Karens building is all fenced, no one can enter without speaking to a security guard first. Also, Karen lives with her parents and animals on the 7th floor so all balconies have nets around, so neither she nor the cat, nor small visitors like me, can fall down and get hurt. I will try to send a photo from the balcony and of all the animals later, but right now I am going to take a shower to rinse off the poolwater!Lots of love,Felix
January 12th, 2009
Yesterday I had such a great day! Karen and her parents took me around Sao Paulo, and we saw so many nice things! Karens father is from italian origins, so he took us to an Italian restaurant to eat. The food was great! And it was so interesting, they had football t-shirts hanging in the ceiling, have you ever heard of such a strange thing?? We had a ravioli with a four-cheese sauce, it was delicious. I had mango juice to drink, freshly made at the spot, and for dessert we had some Brazilian coffee with Italian ice-cream, yum!

After lunch Karen showed me around at the famous Avenida Paulista. It is the avenue that you see on TV if there is any news from Sao Paulo, a big avenue full of high buildings with important offices.

We went to MASP, museum of art in Sao Paulo (the red, squared building behind me)
and when we walked along the avenue we got to see SNAKES and LIZARDS!!

An environmental group was showing animals from the Amazon for the children - and me! Can you believe that I have touched a real snake and lizard?! Wow!After this we went to a park, Karen took me around and we played a lot together, it was great! Before we went home we made a stop in an ice-cream shop to eat more ice cream. It was a great day!!!

Love, Felix

January 27th, 2009

Hello again!

This is Felix! I am back from my road trip that I have made through southern Brazil with Karen and her parents. It was a long trip, and we took plenty of photos, so I will have to tell you about the trip in several emails. We left Sao Paulo on the 14th of January and slept the first night in a hotel at the road side. Nothing to show you there, but the next day we drove through a huge rainstorm, I did not know it could rain that much! We could hardly see the car in front of us at times and there were so many lightnings! I was really scared, but Karen hugged me so it felt better. Luckily it stopped raining when we arrived in our first stop at Curitiba in the state of Parana, where we had a great lunchbefore we visited a place called Bosque Alemao. That means the German Forest in Portuguese. This part of Brazil was colonised by Germans, as I would notice several times on this trip, I will tell you all about it later on! Anyway, this part of the rainforest, in the middle of the city of Curitiba, has a trail that tells the story of Hans & Gretzel, but in Portuguese they are called Joao and Maria, strange! Well, the story was a bit scary, but Karen took good care of me. To reach the trail you have to climb down a high tower, that shows you the view of Curitiba. I took two photos there, one so you can see that the rainforest and the city of Curitiba, and one so you can see how high up I was. Well, Karens father told us the story and eventually we reached the house of the evil witch!!! Karen and I went inside, but luckilly the witch was not there this day, only her black cat that was very friendly with me. In the rainforest we saw some really high ferns, they were like trees, it felt like visiting the movie Jurassic Park!

After a nice morning in Curitiba we kept on driving until we reached the town of Penha at the coast of the state Santa Catarina. It was sooo beautiful there at the beach and I was so happy to see the Atlantic Ocean again!
Me and Karen played around a little before we had dinner, can you believe that I ate crab for the first time in my life!?! And after dinner we chased some real mini-crabs that lived in the sand on the beach, so much fun, me and Karen laughed a lot. We found a really cute hotel, that is called a Pousada in Brazil. Pousadas are like smaller hotels, that are family owned. I got my own bed, but it felt so big that I shared it with Karen, we slept very good in it. On the 16th and 17th of January we visited the amusement park next to the hotel that is called Beto Carrero World (It was founded by a Brazilian cowboy called Beto Carrero) and it is not only an amusement park, but also a zoo and to the area belongs huge landmasses of preserved rainforest that no one ever will be able to touch. The park teaches you to think about nature, but of course you also have lots and lots of fun! We did so many fun things there and also visited a show about the sword of Excalibur. It was a very scary show, Karen hugged me through most of it and afterwards we could meet some of the knights. As you can see I was really scared of them. But I had so much fun at Beto Carrero and would love to go to more amusement parks later.

Well, I think that is enough for today! Next time I write I will tell you about our trip to a small town called Pomerode, where people still speak German!!! I spoke German to people there, amazing! But more about that some other day, it is late here now and I have to go to sleep.

Many warm hugs, Felix

February 2nd, 2009

Hello everyone!

Here is Felix again! Now I will tell you about the rest of my road trip. So on the 17th of January we went to a small town called Pomerode, in the inner part of the state of Santa Catarina. There was a huge German immigration to this part of Brazil, and in this town people came from north east Germany, and they still speak German there - I could understand what everyone said and talk with them too in German. Of course their accent was a bit different, there were some Plattdeutsch into it, but still. The sad part was that they had a German party there, and it was horrible! Well, not really, it was also a lot of fun, but they only took the stereotype of Germany, with Bavarian costumes and music - me and Karen HATED the music!!! We had a very nice lunch though, with lots of potato, sauerkraut, fried duck and strawberry juice, yum! I also met some really sweet dolls there, they were also German immigrants. Unfortunately the batteries of the camera died and no one had time to charge them, so you missed out the photos from the party at night and the parade the next day, also from the amazing afternoon tea that we had in the neighbouring city Blumenau - I have never seen so many cakes, sweets, sandwiches etc in my whole life! But we did take a photo in the hotel room in Blumenau later at night, it was so cozy. Also we took a photo of me in Blumenau by night, cool!On the 19th of January we drove towards the coast again, to the city of Florianopolis that is situated on an island. It is sooo beautiful there! We spent 4 days there and we saw so much. You would not believe all the things you can find on a Brazilian beach. People sell drinks there, and icecream. But not in restaurants or bars, no, they walk around with carts on the beach and sell all these things, and many more. Me and Karen had a lot of fun though, playing in the sand together.

One day we also went to the municipal market to look around, it was a very beautiful building from the colonial times. The coastline of Santa Catarina was colonised by the Portuguese, so the old buildings are in a Portuguese style, very interesting.We also walked along the beach walk in the city of Florianopolis, where you have a beautiful view of the city itself, and by chance they had some activities there for children, so me and Karen made a painting there that they put up for display later. The hotel were we stayed had a pool area, of course me and Karen had to go there and play some. The water was a bit cold, but nothing compared to what you can find in Europe!! We visited some sanddunes, it was like a small desert, also very hot! It was around 30C the whole time, so you can bet the sand was burning my small paws! Some people were sandsurfing on the dunes - it is just like snowboarding but on sand instead of snow. It looked like a lot of fun, but a bit too dangerous for me and Karen, so we were only watching.

After thiss nice time in Florianopolis we drove north again, and made a stop at a beach called Tainha. This beach was very difficult to reach, as it was in a hidden bay. We had to drive up a small mountain on a gravel road, and then down again, but it was worth it. What a beautiful place! I almost moved there, as I found a great beach house. But Karen told me that I should not try to stay in a house made of sand only, so do not worry Leonhard, I am coming back home to you again! Have a look what I discovered there, too! The smallest bananas I have ever seen! They were even smaller than myself - but very yummy! This was actually our last stop on the trip, but I am also sending two more photos from Sao Paulo. One from the balcony of Karens home, as I promised. You can see the net that protects everyone from falling down, but also how many huge buildings there are where Karen and her family live. Then I had to take a photo of me with all my new friends, I think I forgot to tell you that Karen has a cat and two dogs, but now you can see them as well, we are very good friends, all of us!I am thinking a lot of all of you, I miss my own family in Austria, although I am being very well taken care of during the next trip and it is very exciting to see all these new places. Next time I will write you it will be from South Africa, can you believe?!
Many hugs, Felix


Dearest Leonhard,

Guess what!? Right after my visit in Canada I went down to Cuba. Have you ever heard about this country before? That was a wonderful place - warm and sunny and with alot of delicious food and interesting places to see.

Together with my host I did a guided tour in Havanna - can you believe, a real guided tour in a capital city - like a real tourist!!! I was soo happy about that and our guide was too!

She said I was the most curious bear ever taking part in her tours!!

We saw a really ancient mailbow during our tour and I was a bit frightened. I have bad experiences with mailboxes - somebody always puts me into them and then I have to spend days over days in narrow envelopes before I can finally get out again!!!
I also got to see some other strange stuff: Big, big, big bells - have a look! Intersting, hm?
Cuba was a very interesting place to stay. Maybe I can go back there one day? My next stop is in Brazil I was told, another country in South America. And a big one, my host told me! I'm curious to see who and what is waiting there for me;)
Hugs and kisses,

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


My dear friend Leonhard,

I'm sending you warmest greetings from another country in North America today! I'm currently visiting Melissa in Vancouver, Canada!

Canada is a really beautiful place and Melissa and I are having alot of fun. We celebrated Easter together, which was wonderful. Have a look at the beautiful decorations we put everywhere!
How did you celebrate it this year? Searching for easter eggs in granddad's garden like all the years before? That's certainly nice, too, but believe me, my life as a travelling bear is much more exciting at the moment.

Like at many other places before I also got to know some very friendly bears here in Canada, too. We understand really well and I'm afraid I'll miss them alot when I'll once continue my journey.

Melissa and I had a long walk in Vancouver and I must really say it is a beautiful place.

I'll show you some more photos later, my dear!

Love, Felix


Hello Leonhard!

How are you doing? I'm really fine! Imagine, I visited another state of the USA - only 47 are missing, ha, ha!! I'm in Texas right now and I'm having a great time.

I'll write you more and show you all the photos later!

Lots of love,


Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Dearest Leonhard,

How are you doing in freezy Austria? I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a good start of the new year! As for me - I'm doing great!! As you know my previous stop was on Hawaii (that's one of 50 states of the USA consisting of many islands situated in the Pacific Ocean) and I spent a very nice time there ;)

My host was lovely, she cared about me alot (so you don't have to worry at all) and since she also had a little daughter, Leilani, I really had a funny time there! You know I'm always happy to be togehter with kids and Leilani really did her best not to make me feel homesick...
My host was a teacher and after all the good experiences I made in the Australian school I visited I decided to join her, too! Have a look which lovely young ladies I got to know there!! I had great fun attending various classes and listening to what my host taught her pupils!
It was pretty warm on Hawaii and I often thought about you freezing at home at the moment, ha, ha!! We even went to Waikiki beach one day (I guess you went skiing the same day...)

Can you imagine, Leonhard, that I celebrated Christmas this year in such a lovely atmosphere full of sun and warmth? It was very different to what I knew about Christmas so far but it was very nice!

We went Christmas shopping in Waikiki ...

... and Leilani and I loved all the decorations there!!

And have a look - we even had a real (well, almost real...) Christmas tree at home, too! We had a great time and celebrated alot - even some of my new friends here joined us ;)You know what we did one day? We went ice-skating!! Yes, you are right, ICE-SKATING!! It was the first time I ever did it (by the way: Did you already learn it meanwhile?) and that was on Hawaii!! Crazy, isn't it? There was a large skating hall and Leilani and i had really alot of fun giving it a try! I was full of haematomas afterwards but that was worth the fun!!

The scenery on Hawaii was really beautiful as you already saw on the "beach-photos". You know how much I love the sea! But there was something else really impressing here: I saw a real volcano! My first one ever!!! It is called "DIAMOND HEAD" beautiful, hm?

Now I have to continue my journey although it is hard to leave this wonderful place and all the lovely people I got to know here. Thank you sooo much for everything, Malia and Leilani! I will miss you and I'll think about you alot!
Well, Leonhard, my next stop will be at another state of the US: Texas! I'll let you know when I arrived there!
Hugs, Felix

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