Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Dearest Leonhard,

Guess what!? Right after my visit in Canada I went down to Cuba. Have you ever heard about this country before? That was a wonderful place - warm and sunny and with alot of delicious food and interesting places to see.

Together with my host I did a guided tour in Havanna - can you believe, a real guided tour in a capital city - like a real tourist!!! I was soo happy about that and our guide was too!

She said I was the most curious bear ever taking part in her tours!!

We saw a really ancient mailbow during our tour and I was a bit frightened. I have bad experiences with mailboxes - somebody always puts me into them and then I have to spend days over days in narrow envelopes before I can finally get out again!!!
I also got to see some other strange stuff: Big, big, big bells - have a look! Intersting, hm?
Cuba was a very interesting place to stay. Maybe I can go back there one day? My next stop is in Brazil I was told, another country in South America. And a big one, my host told me! I'm curious to see who and what is waiting there for me;)
Hugs and kisses,

My dad also told me about Cuba. Its a very beautiful country, There are various ancient mailbows all around the country.
Seems like you had fun in Cuba, I heard it about it before but had image of some african country but after reading this blog you have changed my mind. Thanks for sharing it
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